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My Story

Being an immigrant from Lebanon the only food I ever knew growing up was Mediterranean food.

That's what I learned to cook and that's what I ate. I had never even had salad dressing from a bottle until I was a teenager! I mean, ranch wasn't a thing then. 

The years passed and I moved away and became more curious about other cultures and types of cuisines. As a result I worked in the food and beverage industry for a long time. I was an event coordinator for a local food publication and dining guide and even got to work alongside some really great chefs. Ok ok, I mostly just made cocktails at that time though.


After several years in the Phoenix area, I realized it was time to come back to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I didn't know what to do so I dabbled in bartending and cooking for others ... a lot. Well, day to day I sold insurance. 

After doing a lot of soul searching and listening to the people that know me best, I decided to make my passion and side hustle the real deal. So here we are ... welcome to Julia's Kitchen.

Made With Love, 



Julia Gharib


Seventh grade home economics class ...

We had to make homemade mac n cheese. It was awful. I had never had mac n cheese! Ever. I shoved it down the drain and hoped I wouldn't get caught (no garbage disposal).


Now I make adult mac n cheese a bit differently and it's way yummier than that "stuff" we had to make in 7th grade ... it starts with a roux. I'll make it for you.

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