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What Are You Hungry For?

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Let's Talk

Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Surrounding Areas


Thanks for reaching out!

from my kitchen to your table

It's Personal


I remember when I was eight years old. I was asleep but could vaguely hear my mom doing something in the kitchen; probably cooking. I felt guilty for not getting up to help.


So I did. Well, I burned the bread so she sent me to make coffee instead ... our traditional arabic coffee. 

Thanks mama!

My Style



Being a Lebanese American,

my style is very Mediterranean.


If you know Lebanese people, you know the food is amazing.


From there my palette has expanded and I can bring any type of cuisine to your table.

My Passion



I want to be part of your memorable experiences.


I do that best by sharing the food from my kitchen to your table.


Bringing people and families together makes my heart happy. Food seems to do that.

Refreshing Juices

If you're looking for an event planner, we love working with Sarah at The Kayser Method. She is so creative and puts such detail into parties and events. You will love her energy.

Bonus ... The Kayser Method also creates logos, marketing materials and web design (she did my logo and website)! Reach out to Sarah with The Kayser Method at and tell her Jules sent you.


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